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21st June is celebrated as World Music Day to establish global harmony through music. Music expresses every human emotion from love to hatred, from fear to bravery, from discontent to euphoria... It's also been proved by science that plants grow faster when exposed to Music. In fact, Music is all around us... in the wind, in the raindrops, in the waves and even the call of animals and birds. To create your sweet musical write-up, you can choose a singer, a song, a lyricist, a musical instrument... anything that inspires you to write. 
Put your pens to paper and pour your hearts out into poems, essays, articles, short stories, etc. for this month. Use the template to send in your creations latest by 15th June 2024 as we plan to post your write-ups by 25th June. 

Let the posts
come to you.

Thanks for submitting!


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